The following NBSS reports present the students', BfL teachers' and Principals' views and experiences of NBSS Level 3 Support over one academic year.
'A Research Study of 36 Behaviour Support Classrooms' provides an overview of the work that has been conducted in NBSS BSCs.

Level 3 Individualised Support for a Few Students

NBSS Intensive, Individualised Support: Research-Informed Practice

The third level of the NBSS model of support is distinctive in that in each instance it is tailored to the specific needs of the individual student.  Characteristically, this level of support is offered to the small number of students who, notwithstanding school-wide behaviour support and targeted interventions, continue to experience difficulty.

The initial study of NBSS Level 3 support ‘…… turning around unacceptable student behaviour – The NBSS Behaviour Support Classroom’ (2008) provided an overview of the work in 31 Behaviour Support Classrooms and informed the development of the Behaviour Support Classroom Best Practice Guidelines (2008). A research study of the establishment , evolution and on-going work of 36 Behaviour Support Classrooms was published in 2010.  

"Students were still in school to sit exams.  Students would have left or been suspended and would not have Junior or Leaving Certs."

"Seeing most of the students we worked with last year coping on their own this year."

"On Junior Cert results day we had a student who said he’d never have got the results he got if he hadn’t been in the BSC with us.  He is now doing well in 5th year.  He was a student who we thought wouldn’t return after Junior Cert."

"The relationship that I build up with the students and the trust they instill in me is the most rewarding.  One of the students got 80% in a science test (I’d done some revision work with him) and was so thankful to me for helping him.  That’s rewarding!"

“In general the BSC has greatly improved the behaviour and routines of the students who attend."