This NBSS publication outlines programmes and resources that have been used in schools or that are considered a useful reference point when developing social and emotional literacy skills with individual students, small groups, or with class and year groups.
This NBSS resource contains links to over 50 websites with information, resources, articles and classroom materials.

Professional Learning, Development & Support

NBSS Continuing Professional Development Support for Schools

Along with the continued professional development inherent in Level 1, teachers working with the NBSS on Level 2 targeted interventions for some students, have the opportunity to explore a variety of methodologies, resources and materials and share their own good practice with others in their school community. Depending on the intervention and the wishes of the school staff, the work of the NBSS consists either of supporting teachers as they conduct the intervention themselves, or actively partnering teachers in the classroom.

The NBSS has provided support to teachers and/or actively partnered teachers working directly with students in the classroom as part of Level 2 targeted interventions on such areas as:

  • Rules, Routines & Expectations
  • Rewards and Consequences
  • Organisational Skills
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Peer Conflict and Anger Management
  • Explicit Teaching of Social Skills
  • Explicit Teaching of Reading and Comprehension Skills
  • Explicit Teaching of Learning and Study Skills
  • Developing Writing Skills
  • Adolescent Literacy Programmes and Resources
  • Strategies for Encouraging, Praising and Motivating Students
  • Transition and Transfer Programmes
  • Social and Emotional Literacy
  • Wellbeing Initiatives
  • Solution Focused Approaches to Behaviour Improvement. 
  • Restorative Approaches
  • Skills for Success in School
  • Homework Interventions
  • Tutor Training
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mediation
  • Communication Skills
  • Check and Connect Interventions
  • Strategies for Teaching the Difficult Class

As part of Level 2 targeted intervention for some students, the NBSS also offers additional professional learning opportunities for staff in partner schools. These include:

  • Teachers sharing good practices within their school communities and in national fora to peers and management.
  • Teachers developing and implementing Teacher as Research Projects related to particular areas of interest or concern.
  • Follow-up consultation and work with groups of teachers in partner schools.