Level 2 targeted interventions can involve working with a particular class group to explicitly teach rules and routines that are applicable to all classroom situations.

Focus Area: Rules, Routines and Consistency

NBSS personnel and a school staff worked together to develop a consistent approach to rules and routines with a targeted class group. Among the steps that were taken were:

  1. Persistent low level disruptive behaviour was identified as the most common behaviours of the class group.
  2. NBSS personnel observed the class in a number of subject classes.
  3. NBSS personnel met with teachers for a 1hr 20 minute discussion, planning and sharing 'what works' session. All teachers of the targeted class were present. Initially the session looked at the main types of disruption that occurred in the class. Then the form tutor and one subject teacher explained the effective, very clear routines and rules they operated with their classes
  4. Three key rules were selected by the staff:
    a) All students to line up quietly outside of the classroom door
    b) All students to put their journals on their desk at the beginning of every class
    c) Students to put up their hands and wait quietly for teacher attention 
  5. The teachers worked out the routines for each rule.
  6. The teachers agreed to actively and explicitly teach and implement the rules and routines with students.

Even though these were the teachers of one class group, as these rules / routines were seen to improve behaviour in the one class group, they have now been adopted throughout the school.