The My Work at School questionnaire is one of the monitoring and evaluation tools used with students in receipt of Level 3 support.
Schools are required to select a number of representative staff members to form a Positive Behaviour Strategy Team.

Positive Behaviour Strategy Team

Supporting School-wide Positve Behaviour

Following on from the systemic, evidence-based methodology employed in Level 1 (support for all students) and Level 2 (support for some students), the school Positive Behaviour Strategy Team is encouraged to establish clear criteria for the identification of students who would benefit from intensive individualised support at Level 3 (support for a few students). For those schools a Behaviour for Learning Programme (BFL) teacher(s) the BFL teacher is also on the school Strategy Team.

If a school has a Behaviour for Learning Programme teacher a Referral Group is also formed, comprising members of the Positive Behaviour Strategy Team and BFL teachers as well as the relevant school staff. This group is responsible for referrals, student selection, entry and exit criteria and reintegration procedures. 

In schools without a Behaviour for Learning Programme teacher the strategy team, in conjunction with NBSS personnel, draw on baseline data provided by all teachers, including information about the student’s prior attainment and current progress, in order to develop an individual Student Behaviour Plan that will most appropriately address the student’s particular needs and facilitate their achievement of goals.

All work undertaken aims to promote positive behaviour and learning by focusing on developing:

  • Behaviour for Learning Skills
  • Social and Emotional Literacy Skills
  • Academic Literacy and Learning Skills
  • Wellbeing Skills.