Level 3: Individualised Support for a Few Students

NBSS Multi-Tiered System of Supports

The third level of NBSS support is distinctive in that it is tailored to the specific needs of the individual student. Characteristically, this level of support is offered to the small number of students who, notwithstanding school-wide behaviour support and targeted interventions, continue to experience difficulty. These students have multiple needs that call for an intensive, individualised intervention.

Students who are offered NBSS Level 3 support may present with a variety of challenging behaviours, including social skills deficits; low self-esteem; difficult relationships with adults/peers and poor concentration and attention difficulties in most subjects. Many of these students are also persistently at risk of suspension and/or explusion. The severity of their behaviour in classrooms not only hinders their own educational progress but may also impede that of their peers.

Level 3: intensive individualised support is provided to students in NBSS partner schools:

There is a structured system of referral for all NBSS Level 3 interventions. All work undertaken aims to promote positive behaviour and learning by focusing on developing:

  • Behaviour for Learning Skills
  • Social and Emotional Literacy Skills
  • Academic Literacy and Learning Skills
  • Wellbeing Skills.