At Level 2 class and year group targeted interventions are planned and implemented
Schools are required to select a number of representative staff members to form a Positive Behaviour Strategy Team.

Positive Behaviour Strategy Team

Supporting School-wide Positve Behaviour

Following on from the systemic evidence-based methodology employed at Level 1 school-wide support for all students, the school Positive Behaviour Strategy Team are encouraged to establish clear criteria for the identification of groups of students who would benefit from targeted interventions - Level 2 support for some students.

At the initial phase of the planning, the NBSS works with schools to determine the nature of the difficulties students are experiencing and critically, the purpose or function of the specific behaviour(s). This is accomplished in a range of ways including the completion of student profiles, consultation with relevant staff members and relevant observation.

Once sufficient information has been reviewed, the NBSS collaborates with teachers to develop a variety of interventions that will meet the specific needs of the students, class group or year group concerned. Interventions are usually short in duration with realistic, achievable targets drawn.

All work undertaken aims to promote positive behaviour and learning by focusing on developing:

  • Behaviour for Learning Skills
  • Social and Emotional Literacy Skills
  • Academic Literacy and Learning Skills
  • Wellbeing Skills.