In this resource find out about the multiplicity of initiatives, interventions and projects NBSS works with schools to develop.
The NBSS encourages and supports partner schools to monitor and evaluate interventions, initiatives and projects across the three levels of NBSS support.

Research for Behaviour Support

Research Informed Practice

In order to assist schools to create positive school environments, and enable them develop systems and proactive strategies to define, teach and support appropriate behaviour, the NBSS has adopted an evidence-based methodology in its own strategic planning and work.

International studies of positive behaviour support in schools stress the importance of the methodical collection and analysis of data to inform decision-making. School Matters: The Report of the Task Force on Student Behaviour in Second Level Schools (2006) calls for a “systematic analysis” of disruptive behaviour and a “systematic approach to its management”.  The NBSS, in its on-going work with partner schools, encourages and supports schools to adopt evidence-based practice across the three levels of support.