NBSS personnel provide assistance to school personnel on the development of Student Behaviour Plans, which are needed for all students in receipt of Level 3 support.
Movement Matters was developed by NBSS team members, representing the teaching and occupational therapy professions. It is an individual, intensive movement based programme designed to particularly support and develop the behaviour for learning skills of those students who present as inattentive, fidgety, hyperactive and/or restless in class.
This NBSS report draws upon quantitative and qualitative data collected from NBSS Behaviour for Learning programme teachers in partner schools who provided NBSS Level 3 support to 920 students during the academic year 2011/2012. This report is part of the on-going research of Level 3 provision to NBSS partner schools.

Professional Learning, Development & Support

NBSS Continuing Professional Development Support for Schools

The NBSS provides Behaviour for Learning Programme Teachers with in-service training and professional learning opportunities, regional communities of practice, on-going in-school support and a range of resources to facilitate their intensive, individualised intervention work with students. NBSS personnel also offer on-going in-school support, resources and direct assistance by partnering teachers working with students in receipt of Level 3 support or to any member of staff working at Level 3 in NBSS partner schools. 

The NBSS has provided school personnel with in-service training, professional learning opportunities and/or on-going in-school support on such areas as:

  • Student Behaviour Plans
  • Rules & Routines
  • Expectations, Rewards and Consequences
  • Strategies for Encouraging, Praising and Motivating Students
  • The Management of Low-Level Disruption
  • The Management of High-Level Disruption
  • Developing Writing Skills
  • Reading and Learning Strategies
  • Study Skills and Strategies
  • Adolescent Literacy Programmes and Resources
  • Social and Emotional Literacy
  • Organisational Skills Development
  • Anger Management & Conflict Resoultion
  • Developing Motor Abilities, Balance and Co-ordination Skills 
  • Solution Focused Approaches to Behaviour Improvement 
  • Restorative Approaches
  • ADHD, Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Challenging Behaviour
  • Check and Connect Intervention
  • The Explicit Teaching of Social Skills
  • Strategies to Address Challenging Behaviour in the Classroom
  • The ALERT Programme
  • Movement Matters Programme
  • Friends for Life Intervention
  • Vocabulary Enrichment Programme

As part of Level 3 intensive individualised support, the NBSS also offers additional professional learning opportunities for staff in partner schools. These include:

  • Teachers disseminating good practices within their school communities and in national fora to peers and management.
  • Teachers developing and implementing ‘Teacher as Researcher Projects related to particular areas of interest or concern.
  • Follow-up consultation and work with groups of teachers in partner schools.
  • Communities of Practice for Behaviour for Learning Teachers.